RJN staff have worked with this major blue-chip brand for over 15 years on a wide variety of contracts at the company’s Huddersfield HQ and across their 37 stores in the UK and Ireland

How we helped

Mamas & Papas have commissioned us to carry out many projects at their Head Office where we have decorated offices, corridors, staircases and conference rooms as well as their ‘mock shop’ in which store designs and layouts are trialled before rolling them out to their outlets. So far this year we have worked in almost every Mamas & Papas store, decorating almost 100 room set display areas. We have also completed the full decoration of their brand new flagship store at London’s Westfield Shopping Centre. Working alongside joiners, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, flooring installers and of course, the shopfitting contractor’s project management team, we helped turn this vast rectangular box into a state-of-the-art store which opened in March 2016. It looks stunning: and our work featured exclusive Farrow & Ball paints, spray finishes, hand-painted furniture, and specialist Goo Screen paint onto which advertisements and movies can be projected. We even hung the beautiful digital graphics on the walls!

Part of the family

Focused on innovation, style and quality, Mamas and Papas is respected across and beyond the UK. Sharing these values, we have been able to consistently deliver exactly what this major brand both wants and needs. We’re delighted to have worked closely for so long with Mamas & Papas, always appreciated for our characteristically friendly, helpful approach and the best possible outcomes on every single project.